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An elephant's skin may be thick–about an inch thick–and rough, but it is far more sensitive than most believe.

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Since 2005, Genting Highlands Resort has hosted an annual Songkran Splash Party to commemorate the Buddhist New Year that is normally celebrated by a number of South-East Asian nations including Thailand, Burma and Laos. Once determined astrologically from year-to-year, Songkran is now "fixed" to April 13-15 each year.

Elephant Riding atop Genting Highlands Resort

As part of Genting's Songkran Splash Party–and to remain true to Thai traditions, at the very least, organizers have included elephant riding as part of its activities since its inaugural Songkran Splash Party in 2005.

Elephant riding is not a daily activity at this resort, however..

Genting Songkran Splash Party Genting Songkran Splash Party
Songkran 2010 Songkran 2009
Genting Songkran Splash Party Genting Songkran Splash Party
Songkran 2008 Songkran 2007
Genting Songkran Splash Party  
Songkran 2006  
No confirmation, however, yet on Elephant Riding activities at Genting's Songkran Splash Party 2011.

Updated December 28, 2010


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