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Elephant Riding in Malaysia >> Summary of Locations >> Malacca


Zoo Melaka is operated by the DWNP and, as such, is funded by the federal government. Entry to the Zoo is priced at RM7 per adult and RM5 per child. It is one of the cheapest entry prices in the region as the Zoo is subsidized by the government.

Elephant Riding at Zoo Melaka

The Zoo offers visitors elephant riding activities on weekends, public holidays and school holidays at only RM2 per visitor. A super price.

As at December 2010, elephant riding activities have been temporarily suspended and should resume sometime in the second quarter of 2011.

Do check with the Zoo, however, to avoid disappointmet if you're going to Zoo Melaka specifically for elephant rides.

Photo Gallery

Zoo Melaka Zoo Melaka
Elephant Shows at Zoo Melaka Elephant Shows at Zoo Melaka
Zoo Melaka  
Elephant Riding Mounting Station  

Getting There

Head southwards onto the North-South Expressway (NSE) from Kuala Lumpur. Exit at Ayer Keroh (about the 192km marker) towards Malacca Town. Zoo Melaka is located less than five minutes away from the toll booth.

The best way to get to the Zoo from Kuala Lumpur would be self-drive. Despite its heritage status, getting to Malacca is not as easy or fun. Express buses stop at Melaka Sentral, more than 25 minutes away from the Zoo, depending on mode of transportation.

From Malacca Town, public transportation options includes buses and taxis. Normally, if visitors hadn't driven themselves to Malacca, they would give the Zoo a miss due to the distance and/or transportation logistics headaches.

Contacting Zoo Melaka

Zoo Melaka
Lebuh Ayer Keroh
75450 Melaka

Tel: +


Updated December 29, 2010


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